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Currently, one of the most popular buzz words in the UX space is flat web design. Over the past decade, flat web design has been embraced by many establishments, including major corporations in Kenya. This design approach has gained popularity due to its effectiveness and its ability to boost user experience. Flat web design helps firms to increase their conversion rates tremendously. 

Tyondo champions this design approach by creating minimalistic two-dimensional illustrations for mobile and web interfaces centered on simplicity. The ability of this design approach  in influencing problem solving, user tastes, and decision-making have made it immensely popular. Flat web design in Kenya has been developing steadily over the past few years.

At Tyondo, we endeavor to create web designs that enhance visual harmony and user interface usability. Our establishment appreciates that the focus on digital experience is not only peculiar to digital-born firms. We understand that a site is judged not by its appearances but by how effectively it works. Achieving simplicity is easier said than done; this is because the product must exhibit both functionality and visual attractiveness. In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of flat web design. These benefits include:

Flat Design Enhances Readability. 

In the past, designers displayed their prowess by packing websites with flashy animations and illustrations. This may, at times, overwhelm the user and divert their attention. One of the significant benefits of flat web design is to improve a site's Readability. This design approach enables users to consume content easily, regardless of the device they are using. Flat design replaces complex images with simple vectors and minimalistic icons. In flat design, content is king.

Flat Design Minimizes Distractions.

This design is centered on minimization. As such, it is usually free of decorative elements and embellishments. These elements have no value to users. The primary purpose of this design is to steer the user's attention towards a site's content. Additionally, the design makes it possible to highlight and prioritize content. To ensure there are no distractions, our designers utilize white spaces to ensure a site does not look crowded. This ensures users do not experience difficulties while navigating a site and access the information they require quickly.

Flat Design Reduces Page Loading Time

Nothing irritates users more than a slow loading page. It is a big turn-off. Regardless of the amount of content you want to present to your users, you must strive to keep your site fast. You can do this by opting for a flat design or low-resolution images. Flat designs are faster due to the absence of serif fonts, gradients, and other skeuomorphic properties. A fast loading site can affect a firm's bottom line. It is capable of increasing your firm's revenues and conversions.

Flat Designs Influences SEO Positively

The amount of time a page takes to load affects its ranking on search engines. SEO for websites is heavily affected by page loading speeds. Since flat designs minimize loading time, they help to influence a site's SEO rankings positively. By appearing top among SERPS, a business can capitalize on high-intent users. These users have a higher chance of making conversions.

Flat Designs Give an Up-to-date Appearance

Users form an impression of a site within milliseconds. Within this short time, users decide whether or not they like a site. Users determine whether they like a site by how it feels and looks. Flat Design helps a site to create an excellent first impression. The modern appearance presented by a flat design usually has a positive impact on users.

Tyondo is committed to incorporating and advancing flat web design in Kenya. We do so by applying best practices for flat design in all our web and mobile app products. Additionally, we are a firm dedicated to providing our esteemed clients with responsive sites that enhance the growth of their brands and convert potential clients. Our top-tier designers can create intelligent sites for all firms, regardless of the industry they belong to. Contact us for more information about flat web in Kenya.

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